5 Crucial Moving Tips to Minimize Stress

Whether you are handling a last minute move or you simply want to keep a tight budget, you

need to know which of your belongings are your most crucial and essential possessions that

you absolutely need to move. In order to help you with your move, here are 5 moving tips you

need to know in order to make your move a success.

● Plan

No matter how you want to move, you will need a plan. Doesn’t matter how you do it so long as

you plan it all out and know exactly what you need to do. One of the first things you’ll need for

your plan is a moving budget. Once you have your budget, you’ll know your options and you’ll

also be able to easily identify where you can save some money.

For example, you can try borrowing a van or truck from a friend to save some money, just make

sure you ask them ahead of time to see if they’re willing and available on that date. Be sure to

make it up to them later on.

Your plan must have a timeline and finalized move out date so you know when to give notice to

your landlord about your moving out. Remember: most lease contracts state that you need to

give a minimum of 4 weeks notice before moving out.

● Transportation

Regardless of how many things you need to move, you’ll need some means of getting all your

belongings from point A to point B. Your decision should be determined by the distance of your

new home, how many things you need to move, and the amount of time you have left.

If it isn’t too far, you could consider moving all your things with your car in multiple trips. The

further away you’re moving and the more you need to move, the likelier you are to hire New

Brunswick movers to take care of it for you.

● Packing

You might not need to spend a lot of money on packing supplies as you might think. To really

save some money, you can go to local groceries or wine stores and ask them for their old

boxes. Just make sure to give them enough time to prepare them for you. There are lots of

different tips and tricks when it comes to packing such as using linens and beddings for filling

up gaps. Not only does this maximize your boxes, it also doubles as padding and protects your


● Getting help

If you need help, ask for it. The more people you have helping you, the easier and faster your

move will be. If you have children, ask some of your friends or family members to watch them

for you while you take care of your move. If you are moving far away, people close to you tend

to want to help you and spend time with you more.

● Time

Be sure you have enough time to finish everything you need to do. Give yourself some buffer as

well just in case your schedule doesn’t go as planned. Not having everything packed for moving

day is a nightmare and adds a lot of extra costs especially if you hired New Brunswick movers

to come at an agreed date. Not to mention that last-minute packing is very stressful and likely to

lead to damaged and missing belongings.

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