Local moving

Planning a move around New Jersey? Contact Good Job Movers. We’ve helped countless

families settle into new homes through the course of many years. You start out with

one-on-one consultation and will always be guided throughout the whole move by our

professional staff. We’ll do our best to make moving day as stress free as possible.

Long Distance

Good Job Movers is here to make the difficult task of long distance moving much easier

for you and your family. We provide high quality service at great prices. Our expert moving

coordinators will stay in touch with you for the whole move to make sure everything is done

efficiently and within schedule.


Interstate moves are more difficult than regular moves for a lot of obvious reasons. Good

Job Movers begins by taking a look at your shipment and analyzing your needs in order to

make a custom fit moving plan to accommodate your needs and budget. We make sure you

are informed about the status of your move every step of the way and if you ever have any

questions, just give us a phone call and we’ll be sure to answer to you quickly.


Good Job Movers have services made specifically with commercial business relocation in

mind. Dedicated project managers will be on-site during your move to keep your move on

schedule and make sure everything continues smoothly. Good Job movers has helped

many businesses move and regardless of the challenge, we are ready to deliver.


Through many years, Good Job Movers has helped families move to their new homes

and continues to help more people move to this day. We offer all kinds of moving services

to cover all the hard parts of your move so you can kick back and focus on readjusting to

your new home. If you have any specific needs for your move, we are more than happy to

accommodate you. Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with a solution.

Office Relocation

Good Job Movers provides a range of services that cater to office relocation. We can work

with different kinds of budgets and are prepared to handle different challenges. The first

step is to discuss your specific needs and expectations. Afterwards, we make a custom

moving plan to address all your needs and give you the best value for your money. Our

movers have plenty of experience with managing all sorts of office supplies and are properly

equipped to handle different moves.

Art & Antique

Good Job Movers provides all types of services which include handling valuable art

pieces and antiques. You can trust us to handle all types of objects and give them proper

protection during transit.

Piano Moving

If you’ve got a piano you need to move, call up Good Job Movers. We have all the

necessary training and equipment to move all types of pianos. We’ll make sure your piano is

moved safely and securely all the way through guaranteeing a damage-free move.